The Paradise Datacom Compact Outdoor (-CO) Series SSPAs finally bring high power solid state transmit amplifiers right to the antenna’s feed.

It is built for extreme environmental conditions and high reliability operation. Along with the robust construction exists the highest power density in the industry. This allows solid state technology to be used in applications that have long been reserved for TWTAs.

At less than 40 lbs. (18 kg), and only slightly larger than a shoe box, this family of SSPAs is available in output power levels in the following range:

      S-Band: 50W – 300W
C-Band: 30W – 300W
X-Band: 25W – 250W
Ku-Band: 10W – 125W


  • Compact Outdoor housing
    • 10.0 X 19.5 X 6.50 in
    • 254 X 495 X 165 mm
    • 36.0 lbs. / 16.4 kg;
    • 44.0 lbs. / 20.0 kg for higher powered units
  • White powder coat finish
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +60 °C


  • Compact size and weight
  • CE Compliance Tested
  • Integrated forced-air cooling system
  • Adjustable RF Gain, 55 dB to 75 dB
  • Extreme Environmental Testing
  • RF Output Sample Port
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • Universal, Power Factor Corrected Power Supply
  • Built-in 1:1 Redundancy Control


  • Extended Band Operation
  • Antenna Mounting Kit
  • DC Operation (48VDC)
  • Remote Control Panel
  • L-Band Input
  • FSK monitor & control via IFL
  • Phase Combined Systems
  • Wireless local interface – Bluetooth™ enabled
  • Low line voltage operation
  • Fiber Optic Input
  • Optional side-mount AC input for SNG installations


Paradise Datacom offers C-, X-, and Ku-Band amplifiers with an integrated L-Band Block Up Converter. The L-Band units utilize Paradise Datacom’s proprietary ZBUC™ technology. The addition of a ZBUC to a Compact Outdoor SSPA typically increases the gain by 2-4 dB. The advantages of ZBUC technology include:

  • ZBUC can detect and switch to an extenally supplied reference.
  • Optional Internal high stability (10MHz) reference.
  • ZBUC can lock to an externally supplied reference of 5, 10, 20, 25, or 50 MHz without modification.
  • ZBUC can accept a wide range of external reference power (-10dBm to +5 dBm)
  • ZBUC can accept FSK monitor and control signal via the IFL for complete amplifer remote control.


The RCP2-1000 is a Remote Control Panel for the Compact Outdoor SSPA. It only requires 1RU of cabinet space and provides and identical local interface as exists on Paradise Datacom Indoor Rack Mount amplifiers.

The controller communicates with the outdoor amplifier via a RS485 link. The controller then provides a wide range of interface capability including Ethernet communications. The following communication links are available at the Remote Control Panel:

  • RS232 or Addressable RS485 Serial Data
  • Discrete (Parallel) Interface – Form C contact outputs & Opto Isolated Inputs
  • Ethernet Interface – A full compliment of Ethernet Communications including UDP, SNMP, and an internal web browser.
  • Local (Manual) interface via front panel LCD display


Paradise Datacom offers an Outdoor Fiber Optic Converter Module (OFM-1000) for the Compact Outdoor SSPA which interfaces with a rack mountable Fiber Optic to L Band Transceiver (RCPF-1000).

The 1RU Indoor Fiber Optic to L Band Transceiver complements the Compact Outdoor Amplifier for a complete Optical interface for the amplifier.

What distinguishes the Paradise Datacom Fiber Optic solution is the ability to transmit and receive not only the L-Band IFL, but also a 10 MHz reference signal and an FSK signal that provides complete remote control of the amplifier. When equipped with a Paradise Datacom PD25 L-Band modem, a complete base-band to optical interface is realized.

A system utilizing a Fiber Optic link can have an IFL length in excess of 1km. An optical link is also desirable in areas in which L-Band interference can degrade the system’s performance.

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