The ITV-XC440c Multistandard Broadcast Transcoder is a highly flexible transcoding appliance that delivers superb SD and HD video quality. This transcoding solution allows broadcasters to seamlessly adapt or repurpose compressed audio and video services in real-time within their delivery networks.


The ITV-XC440c is a powerful and flexible real time transcoding solution supporting MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC video codecs and a wide variety of audio codecs. It is ideally suited for any content repurposing, edge transcoding, or video distribution network bandwidth optimization application. The product has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the IPTV, professional broadcast, enterprise video delivery, and streaming video markets.


The scalable and cost effective modular design is capable of simultaneously transcoding up to eight Standard Definition or up to four Standard Definition video services. If desired, up to three units can be installed in a 1RU rack mount tray. Using ImmediaTV’s unique transcoding architecture, operators can transcode multiple High Definition and Standard Definition services in a compact modular unit.

ImmediaTV’s multistandard broadcast transcoder is equipped with the latest advances in video compression technology to deliver excellent video quality at low bitrates. State of the art video processing combined with our unique encoding technology enables new open system architectures to be created. Simultaneous support of DVBASI, broadcast video over IP and HTTP Live Streaming allows content to be freely distributed over virtually any video network.


The ITV-XC440c base module is able to transcode two video services (channels) using either MPEG-2 oXC440r MPEG-4 AVC codecs in High Definition or Standard Definition format and output MPEG-1 Layer II services. The single program can be output over ASI and IP interfaces individually or on both simultaneously. The flexible licensing model allows for easy addition of feature options to expand the capabilities of each module.

  • Dual multi-standard HD/SD transcoder
  • MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC, and Dolby AC-3 input audio
  • Management and control via openGear™ chassis
  • IP transmission using unicast or multicast
  • Gigabit Ethernet and DVB-ASI input / outputs
  • Audio pass-through


Cost Effective
With its modular and scalable architecture, the ITV-XC440c provides rich audio / video transcode support with unmatched CAPEX / OPEX advantages.

Future Proof
With real time ‘any-to-any’ multistandard codec support, the transcoder adapts services from both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC systems.

Flexible Networking
The transcoder supports a rich set of standard video networking protocols including UDP, RTP, RTMP, Direct HTTP, and HTTP Live Streaming permitting reliable video delivery over any IP network.

ImmediaTV’s direct processing technology delivers enhanced IP network jitter and latency performance.

Control & Monitoring
The DashBoard™ Network Control & Monitoring software is a free application designed for remote control & monitoring of the open architecture, openGear™ platform.

For larger deployments where multiple chassis are deployed, the DashBoard™ application may be used for firmware updates and monitoring.

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