The ITV-MX260c Media Gateway is a format conversion solution, enabling transmission of real-time video over IP networks. It provides operators with a powerful, cost -effective solution for converting DVB streams to and from IP streams.


Network Conversion
The ITV-MX260c Media Gateway is a high performance real time MPEG video processing solution that supports Transport Stream encapsulation to and from IP as standard. The ITV-MX260c has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of post-production, Contribution and Distribution applications enabling multiple MPEG transport streams to be transported through Gigabit Ethernet connections over an IP network.

The ITV-MX260c is fully bi-directional in both the ASI and IP domain and can be software licensed to enable enhanced Transport Stream processing functions. State of the art processing enables new system architectures to be created allowing content to be freely distributed over IP networks.



ITV-MX260c Base Unit (ITV-MX260c/BAS)
The ITV-MX260c base unit is able to output a single transport stream over any ASI or IP output port. The flexible design allows up to an additional 5 transports streams to be processed on each unit.

  • 1x ASI to IP encapsulation or IP to ASI de-encapsulation
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Management and control via Dashboard™ or SNMP
  • IP transmission using unicast or multicast
  • Independent redundant control ports
  • Multicast IGMP v1,v2 and v3 support


Cost Effective
The ITV-MX260c enables operators to take advantage of the associated cost savings of deploying IP networks while increasing flexibility and reliability.

Reliable Transmission
Reliable broadcast quality transmission of content over IP networks is achieved through the implementation of direct processing technologies and advanced redundancy features. This delivers precise packet timing and buffer management, reducing IP jitter and delay.

High Density
Each unit can support up to 6 ASI ports, individually configurable as inputs or outputs, and up to 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Units can be standalone, or combined in a 1RU rack mount tray (3 units per tray).

Control & Monitoring
The DashBoard™ Network Control & Monitoring software is a free application designed for remote control & monitoring of the open architecture, openGear™ platform. SNMP is also supported with a complete MIB.


  • Additional Transport Stream outputs
  • Enables second GbE port

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